The Challenge

As Studio Arts Head of lmmersive Video and Curriculum Writer, Michael Woods is always seeking to elevate Hollywood's premier 3D animation and visual effects training facility's technological and curriculum offerings. After faculty discussion, research and analysis including gleaning information from 360° experts, Michael selected the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K Dual Pro Pack. Going from six camera rigs to just two simplified the process, and the free software allowed him to drag and drop the files, easily stitch them together, then export them into more robust editing suites. The high-quality is what influenced Michael's decision.

As both an entertainment industry professional and instructor, Michael uses the SP360 4K as a teaching tool in and outside of the classroom offering students a true filmmaking experience from start to finish. A specific teaching opportunity allowed Michael to leverage the versatile camera's multipurpose features when he took a class to document a live event in the heart of Los Angeles. Capturing landmarks and environments, all at a fast pace, gave Michael the inspiration to provide an enhanced course on depth, color balance, resolution, motion and editing. Rather than the traditional method of using 6+ cameras with multiple SD cards, using SP360 4K meant a more seamless workflow for his students, and with the built-in stitching tool, his class began exploring post-production editing within a few hours.

With upcoming filmmaking projects, Michael believes that the SP360 4K is highly viable for contemporary art exhibitions as it also mixes well with other VR devices.

Michael's ongoing goal to fulfill Studio Arts' commitment to providing cutting-edge hardware and software for professionals in the entertainment industry is what brought him to KODAK PIXPRO. 

The Solution

KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Dual Pro Pack

KODAK PIXPRO 360 VR Suite Stitching and Editing Software

The Results

Confident students with hands-on knowledge of 360º VR production and editing solutions.

Industry leading 360º curriculum with improved classroom workflow

Established Institution's educational offering with an "Intro to AR/VR" 2-day weekend seminar for media professionals.

"The KODAK PIXPRO 360º camera gives you so much fluidity in video choreography." -Michael Woods, Head of Immersive Video and Curriculum Writer

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