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az421 firmware update. What will get updated by using firmware 4.0.0?
My camera is showing it has firmware 3.0.1.
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Re: AZ421 FW Update v4.0.0


Hello @skinny204

We verified with our engineering team and they do recommend that you update your KODAK PIXPRO AZ421 with the current and latest Firmware v.4.0.0

This FW v.4.0.0 updates the camera's performance due to a change of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Coil and could have a positive impact on your camera's photos and videos.

If you need help in doing so, our customer care team would be happy to walk you through it (888) 978-0806 or send you step by step instructions (email: and leave your contact information so they can reply). The instructions on updating firmware are also on our website under the 'Support' section/tab.

Thank you so much for posting your question here. We hope the information we shared with you helps.
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