AZ528 Wi-Fi issue

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AZ528 Wi-Fi issue

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Hello, I just purchased the AZ528 this afternoon and am already confused. This is my first camera that is Wi-Fi capable (not to mention first of this type, I’m used to just my phone camera). When I set the dial to the Wi-Fi icon, it just gives a message saying “Setting pre-connected device for the following serial number:
SSID: Az528_ec0f

Then it gives 2 options. Change password or cancel.

If I select cancel, then I get a message saying to ensure stable connection, connect to the camera in Wi-Fi settings. And ensure the password is correct. When I hit next, it goes right back to the previous screen.

If I select the change password option, a box pops up saying “If password is refreshed, the Wi-Fi device needs to be input with the new password. And the options are No or Yes. Either option again takes me back to the original message.

I have searched for this issue and have found nothing. I’m already ready to return the camera. Any ideas?
Smith Johny
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Re: AZ528 Wi-Fi issue

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Enable image transmission and remote control by connecting smart device with Wi-Fi.Before utilizing Wi-Fi Mode, please review the following:Your smart device operating system version needs to be iOS 10 or higher, or Android5.0 or higher. If not, please upgrade your smart device before using the App.Please do not use in places having high intensity magnetic field electrostatic andelectric wave interference (for example near a microwave oven), which may causefailure in receiving signals.To maintain a connection, please keep the camera within 10 meters (32.8 feet) withoutsignal shielding interference.Please do not use Wi-Fi connection functionality on a plane.The camera and the smart device can only be connected one to one ;)
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