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Hi there,
I was given the AZ528 camera, but I had no idea how to set up the WiFi. WPA2 PSK is 1479PZES, and the SSID is Az528_ec0f. The notice "Setting pre-connected device for serial number" shows up when you click on the Wi-Fi icon. You can choose to have the password changed or removed. Setting up WiFi If you would like to exit the room, join the camera. No resolution; the camera came back. Opinions? Click this link to go to
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Re: AZ528

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You have to download their PixPro app from Playstore to use it. I don't think it's true Wi-Fi transfer except through their app. That's rather disappointing as I bought the camera for eBay uploads.

Anyway, to set it up:

✓ Turn the little knob on the top to Wi-Fi;

✓ Go to the middle one, "Station" and it will start scanning for Wi-Fi.

✓ Choose the Wi-Fi that is on your phone, preferably 2.4 as 5.0 doesn't seem to work well with these devices.

✓ Put your WiFi password in.

✓ In your Android device click on the PixPro app and just start pushing things until your pictures show up.

I apologize for the rather crude instructions but I just got my new camera an 3½ hours ago so I'm miffed about what I'm doing but I see that nobody ever answers anything for anybody in here so I figured I'd at least reach out and give you some guidance.

I've called Kodak three times already as I didn't get a lens cap or lens cap holder. I don't think anybody works there.
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