AZ528 Wifi Problem

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AZ528 Wifi Problem

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I just purchased the AZ528 this afternoon and am already confused. In addition to being my first Wi-Fi camera (I've been using my phone camera until now), this is my first camera of this type. I get a message "Setting pre-connected device for the following serial number" when I set the dial to the Wi-Fi icon.
SSID: Az528_ec0f

Then it gives 2 options. Change password or cancel.

If I select cancel, then I get a message saying to ensure stable connection, connect to the camera in Wi-Fi settings. And ensure the password is correct. When I hit next, it goes right back to the previous screen.

The Wi-Fi device must be input with the new password if the password is refreshed when I select the change password option. You can choose between No and Yes. The original message appears again if I choose either option again.
I have searched for this issue and have found nothing. I’m already ready to return the camera. Any ideas?
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Re: AZ528 Wifi Problem


The KODAK PIXPRO AZ528 ships with a unique, preset Wi-Fi password. Most people don't want to use the one assigned from the factory and prefer to reset it to something they can remember.

We suggest you do just that and opt to "Change Password", even if its something very simple for you to remember.

If for some reason that doesn't work, please email our customer care team: and leave your contact details and preferred time we call you back. You may also call our toll-free help line: (888) 978-0806.
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Re: AZ528 Wifi Problem

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Also wanted to know this, is there any update?
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