The Challenge

Having worked with big players in the 360° arena such as GoPro, Samsung and Nokia, Innovator Kelly King had both a vision and distinct need for a better 360° camera with an extremely wide field of view, high resolution and compatibility with his Mac/Autopano software. Kelly’s positive experience with the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K dual VR cameras coupled with his keen sense of innovation led him to create a unique 6-camera rig, which then evolved into an 8-camera rig entitled the “Okta Pix,” capable of supreme 3D 360° content creation.  “The results of the Okta Pix rig were significantly better than I had hoped,” says Kelly, explaining that the expansive 235-degree field of view per KODAK PIXPRO camera enables him to get close to objects without crossing over stich points. Kelly uses the Okta Pix to achieve his company’s mission, “we make the impossible,” by pioneering the 3D 360° content realm with the help of multiple KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K cameras. Kelly’s theory is, “The more knowledge you have of the medium, the further you can push it. And these little powerhouse SP360 4K cameras let me play, and fail, and figure stuff out so I can tell the stories that move me the most.” 

The Solution

Custom-built “Okta Pix” 8-Camera Rig

8 KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Cameras

Mac & Autopano Software

Teradek Sphere

The Results

"Remarkably stable, longer shots that would overheat GoPros"

HDMI output enabling Kelly to connect the rig to a Teradek Sphere, wirelessly monitor video with spatial audio, record stills and stitched video, and even live stream when necessary

Unparalleled value/quality ratio for 3D 360° content, less equipment and reduced production time

“I would put my Okta Pix up against the OZO any day, and that’s empowering.”

– Kelly L. King, Director at iNCFILMS & Vanishing Angle

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