The Challenge

3DigitalVision's Executive Producer Michael Watchulonis' commitment to utilizing the latest technology to enhance the company's storytelling capabilities led him to the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR cameras that he uses to scout locations for the optimal 3D VR experience. Using two SP360 4K VR cameras side-by-side on a custom-built rig, he captures stereoscopic 3D footage that becomes the previsualization content for films before principal photography begins. This footage allows Michael to visually share locations and shot sequences with his crew so they can see lighting challenges, tight spaces and the general cinematic flow with the power of VR. 3DigitalVision's deep experience storytelling in stereoscopic 3D led NextVR, a leading virtual reality platform, to enlist Michael to produce and direct their popular Paranormal Evidence series. The SP360 4K VR cameras are an integral tool of the scouting process, empowering the team to plan production details critical to compelling re-enactment scenes and experimental concepts they test prior to shooting. Michael's integration of 3D VR content into their workflow, via the SP360 4K VR cameras, directly supports 3DigitalVision's mission and dedication to "create compelling stories in any genre, every medium, for every platform." 

The Solution

KODAK PIXPRO Dual SP360 4K VR Cameras

Custom-Built 3D Stereoscopic Rig

VR Headsets

The Results

"Previsualization" content enabling the team to experience upcoming locations in VR and prepare accordingly

Improved crew efficiency and logistics on set as entire crew can "scout" the location and see specific sequences the director wants to capture.

Better VR films and storytelling on location with more energy spent on creative and less on problem solving

"The SP360 4K cameras have served me well on VR scouts with good resolution and files light enough to begin editing on the flight home." - Michael Watchulonis, Executive Producer

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