The Challenge

"Here at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, we pride ourselves in offering our guests the greatest experiences possible on their trip to Las Vegas," shared Programming Manager, Steve Kaye. Seeking to share the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas and their Rehab Beach Club events in the truest way, Steve knew they needed 360 video and imagery technology to share the experience through a newer and more authentic medium. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas achieved this goal of creating immersive entertainment experiences using dual KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Cameras. By placing the cameras between the DJ and crowd, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas was able to capture event content that puts the viewer in the mecca of the live entertainment, surrounding them with the artists on stage, music and dancing as if they were in the heart of the concert themselves. Standard photography and videography simply could not create the immersive experience the SP360 4K VR cameras generated that Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas now uses for event promotions and advertising to a much wider audience. The only thing second-best to experiencing Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas events in person is experiencing them in an all-immersive virtual reality, thanks to the KODAK PIXPRO VR Cameras. 

The Solution

KODAK PIXPRO Dual SP360 4K VR Cameras

VR Goggles

The Results

Immersive entertainment true to the actual Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas experience

New marketing assets utilizing cutting-edge 360 technology

Enhanced sales potential through actively engaged guest audiences and fans

"We can use the SP360 VR Cameras for suite tours, capturing footage of club events and concerts, tours of restaurants - the possibilities are endless." -Steve Kaye, Programming Manager

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