Virtual Reality 360° Video Training, Simplified


The Challenge

Astrid Creative Endeavors Inc. creates strategic ways to share their clients' messages with the right audiences in the continuously developing and expanding 828 sector. With the company's eye on integrating innovative technology into their B2B service offerings, Vice President Elmo R. Lugo plunged into the world of VR and developed their esteemed Virtual Reality 360° Video Training Curriculum to address their clients' growing needs. Astrid Creative Endeavors embraces how engaging 360° video content can be created quickly and easily without the need for multiple cameras, rigs and software. Elmo selected the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR cameras citing their ease of use, swift video stitching capabilities and durability specifically identified to help with building the success of their new VR 360° training program. Having used multiple camera rigs and more complicated setups in the past, Elmo's decision to integrate the use of the SP360 4K cameras into their VR 360° training has enabled him and his team to attract a larger customer base through the powerful technology and simplified post-production efforts the cameras provide. Elmo and Astrid Creative Endeavors pride themselves in their first 360° training video offered to faculty of Florida International University' School of Communication and Journalism. As part of that training, the SP360 4K cameras became an important tool utilized for projects related to grants and graduate work in fields such as environmental journalism, multi-lingual, multi-cultural interactions and more. Thanks to Elmo's dedication in the 360° space, the SP360 4K cameras continue to provide a simple and trusted solution to Astrid Creative Endeavors and their growing Virtual Reality 360° Video Training program serving clients looking for innovative ways to tell and share their stories.

The Solution

  • KODAK PIXPRO 360 VR Suite Stitching and Editing Software Desktop VR Playback Platforms

The Results

  • Enhanced 360° training videos achieved through simplified production and post-production work flow
  • Improved training effectiveness via immersive learning and visualization content
  • Expanded breadth of B2B client offerings through growing VR 360° training program

"The KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Cameras are simple to use. They allow users to concentrate on storytelling rather than the technology they need to learn to do so."

- Elmo Lugo, Vice President

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