"Audio and Video" Program Meets Virtual Reality


The Challenge

Music Technology Area Head, Chad Loughrige, shares Capital University's vision to connect audio technology with the Conservatory of Music. Always looking to utilize evolving technology to supplement in-class curriculum, Chad uses the KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K VR Camera to create tutorial videos that immerse students in the recording studio environment in, and beyond, the classroom. Chad sought a 360° VR camera that had high resolution and simple functionality to capture 360° content and overlay text to create video resources. His decision to invest in the ORBIT360 4K has enabled him to achieve the goals of creating 360° video tutorials as well as take full advantage of the camera's 3 different modes. With camera placement being the most critical part of his creation process, he can easily toggle between the ORBIT360 4K's 3 modes to achieve optimal and impactful content for students. With visions of utilizing the many functions of the ORBIT360 4K to promote Capital University's Music Technology program, he also plans to use the camera to create promotional assets for prospective students. The multi-functional ORBIT360 4K coupled with Chad's innovative dedication to the music arts allows him to capture 360° photo and video content for a virtual tour of the university's facilities, including the newly built Convergent Media Center. Capital University's music students are now drawn into their programs through immersive 360° VR content, and fulfill the university's dedication to providing knowledge and resources past graduation and into their lives as budding, professional musicians.

The Solution

  • KODAK PIXPRO 360 VR Suite Stitching and Editing Software Desktop VR Playback Platforms

The Results

  • Supplemental 360° curriculum videos achieved through simplified production and post-production work flow
  • Potential for 360° Virtual Tour promotional content to draw in and immerse prospective students
  • Well-equipped students with knowledge and resources to serve them as professional musicians

"The 360º camera provides a way for hands-on learning that 2D video would not be able to showcase." -Chad Loughrige, Music Technology Area Head

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