360° Motorcycle Training Video Assets


The Challenge

Cycle Sports TV found that there are a number of individuals interested in motorsports but are intimidated by the intensity of the experience, and because of this they shy away from learning the sport. By mounting their KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Cameras onto trained riders’ bikes, Cycle Sports can create training tools that immerse potential students in the high-speed experience without the risk on a closed track. By experiencing what a trained motorcycle rider encounters and experiences first-hand, they find potential students are much more engaged and interested in learning the sport and become active and passionate riders. These training videos are incredibly simple for Cycle Sports to render in post-production, easily providing the rider’s point of view (10-12”) in a safe and secure environment. Without the post-production hassle of editing several daunting stich lines and significant investment of time using multiple cameras, two SP360 4K cameras provide Sports Cycle TV a simplified solution to engage and peak students’ interest by providing an immersive experience with all the action, all the education and none of the risk.

The Solution

  • KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Cameras
  • PIXPRO Dual Camera Mount
  • Customized motorcycle bike mount

The Results

  • Motorcycle training materials from a rider's first-person perspective
  • No-risk immersive experiences for potential students
  • Increased engagement of motorcycles sports students and enthusiasts

“You simply could not accomplish what we're doing using the SP360 4K Cameras with a 4-6 2D camera rig set up.”

– Pat Harris, Executive Producer

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