360° Educational Tools for Future Attorneys

UMkC School of Law

The Challenge

Enabling students to assess and improve upon their practice in law school is every instructor’s mission in guiding and helping students achieve success in the classroom, courtroom and beyond. University of Missouri - Kansas City’s Librarian Ayyoub Ajmi has introduced 360° technology into student mock-trials to provide an opportunity for students to assess their demeanor, mannerisms and gauge jury responses via 360° video playback. By placing a single KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Action Camera on the bench between the mock jury and attorney, the SP360 camera can capture the entire mock courtroom in action without the obstruction of several large cameras. Students have the option to further use this footage for training purposes in competitions and for video resumes to potential employers. By incorporating the SP360 camera into their mock-trials, UMKC students are able to utilize cutting-edge 360° technology to enhance their performance as students and confidence as future law professionals.

The Solution

  • KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Cameras
  • KODAK PIXPRO SP360 360⁰ Half-Sphere Mode

The Results

  • Mock-trial videos inclusive of jury, attorneys, judge and courtroom setting
  • Educational and training tools available to students and staff
  • Enhanced student body-awareness and consciousness
  • Electronic student resumes for potential employers

“The 360⁰ camera is more than an action camera. It is an educational tool.”

- Ayyoub Ajmi, UMKC Librarian

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