AZ421 Charging

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AZ421 Charging

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I'm new to all this camera game.Just bought myself a Pixpro AZ421.Just wondering id I'm out and about and the battery starts to get low.Could I plug the camera into a power pack(same as is used to charge mobile phones) and charge the camera that way using the USB cable that was supplied with the camera?
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Re: AZ421 Charging


You can definitely use the USB cable and any standard USB wall-plug adapter or the one included with your AZ421 to charge the battery on the go.

Another option would be to purchase a 2nd Li-ion battery from our online store and keep that one charged and with you to do a quick swap out while you are away from home.

The Li-ion rechargeable battery you need is the LB-060 and can be found here on our online store: ... wer/lb-060
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