AZ528 A problem with Wi-Fi on the

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AZ528 A problem with Wi-Fi on the

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A problem with Wi-Fi on the AZ528
Having just bought the AZ528 this afternoon, I am already confused. I have never owned a camera that is Wi-Fi capable (let alone a camera of this type, I normally use my phone camera). As soon as I select the Wi-Fi icon, I get the message "Setting pre-connected device for serial number:"
SSID: Az528_ec0f

Then it gives 2 options. Change password or cancel.

If I select cancel, then I get a message saying to ensure stable connection, connect to the camera in Wi-Fi settings. And ensure the password is correct. When I hit next, it goes right back to the previous screen.

If I select the change password option, a box pops up saying “If password is refreshed, the Wi-Fi device needs to be input with the new password. And the options are No or Yes. Either option again takes me back to the original message.

No results have been found for this issue. The camera is already ready for return. Do you have any ideas?
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