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My first reaction to the AZ528 was confusion. I've just purchased it and I'm already confused. My only previous experience with a Wi-Fi camera was using my phone camera. If I choose the Wi-Fi icon, I receive the following message:

Afterwards, you can change your password or cancel.

You will be redirected to the previous screen as soon as you click cancel. The password must be accurate and stable, and I must ensure that the camera is connected via Wi-Fi.

The text that appeared when I selected the change password option is returned to the previous screen. In the box it states, "The Wi-Fi device will need to be reconfigured if the password is refreshed.".

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any information about this problem. As of now, the camera has been delivered to me. How about any suggestions you might have?
You can reach me at if you wish to discuss this further
Thank you!
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