AZ528 A WiFi camera, the

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AZ528 A WiFi camera, the

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Hello, just bought the AZ528 this afternoon and I'm already confused. Having used my phone camera for as long as I can remember, this is my first Wi-Fi-capable camera (and first of this type). A message appears when I select the Wi-Fi icon, saying "Setting pre-connected device for serial number:

Then it gives 2 options. Change password or cancel.

If I select cancel, then I get a message saying to ensure stable connection, connect to the camera in Wi-Fi settings. And ensure the password is correct. When I hit next, it goes right back to the previous screen.

When I select the change password option, I am taken back to the original message. It says, "If the password is refreshed, the Wi-Fi device needs to be configured with the new password.".

Please let me know on if you have any ideas. The camera has already been returned to me. I have searched for this issue without success.
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