JK Imaging Ltd., the worldwide licensee for KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras and Devices, announced today its 2016 line of Digital Cameras and expanded offering within the highly popular 360° VR interactive camera category. This year’s lineup will include the brand new KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K Action Cam, adding yet another option to the rapidly growing 360° immersive VR video market among other models offered within the highly regarded KODAK PIXPRO brand.

Adding to the success of the highly popular KODAK PIXPRO SP360 1080p Action Cam, adopted by video enthusiasts worldwide, the all new SP360 4K Action Cam provides dedicated videographers and filmmakers an exciting new step up option to take their creative visions and content curating to the next level. The SP360 4K bundle packs (including accessories) will start at $499US MSRP and are now available online at All 360° action cam models are YouTube™ and Facebook™ compatible for 360° interactive videos.

The SP1 and WP1 round out the Action Cam and Sports Cam categories with waterproof, shockproof, freeze proof and dust proof models that need no supplemental enclosures and can go practically anywhere you want to go above or below water. Affordability and durability were front of mind with these models starting at $199US MSRP.

The new 2016 KODAK PIXPRO line of cameras will continue to offer consumers a variety of feature-rich, long-zoom options within the Astro Zoom family. The newest Astro Zoom camera to be shown in the KODAK PIXPRO booth is a 90X optical zoom model showcasing the brand’s commitment to offer outstanding performance at a fraction of the price of traditional and more expensive DSLR bodies and lenses. Rounding out the Astro Zoom line up, the company will show an entry level 25X zoom with the AZ252, and a myriad of other models up to 65X zoom including the AZ422, AZ525, AZ527 and AZ652 all designed to give photographers of every level more choices at more value.

This year’s KODAK PIXPRO line will continue to offer three ever popular and affordable compact point and shoot models (FZ43, FZ53 and FZ152) under the Friendly Zoom category. These models give consumers a choice between AA and Li-ion batteries depending upon preference and start at $69US MSRP for the entry-level model.

To add yet another option for savvy consumers, the KODAK PIXPRO Digital Devices booth will feature and demonstrate the commitment to giving consumers added benefits and more power in dedicated cameras that work in tandem with their smart phones and devices. iOS™ and Android™ compatible SMART LENS® models from the KODAK PIXPRO line start with 5X optical zoom detachable lenses with built-in flash, SL10 (10X optical zoom SMART LENS) and the powerful 25X optical zoom SL25. These models combine high quality photography with greater portability to give yet another option for consumers to take their high quality photography mobile.

The company will continue to offer the S-1, Micro Four-Thirds mirror-less lens camera with an assortment of detachable lenses (depending upon retailer) for those avid photographers looking for a compact solution without compromise. The S-1 starts at $499US MSRP (body only).

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