• Dual Drone Mount Made for SOLO(TM) for SP360 4K

Introducing the all new PIXPRO Dual Drone Mount Made for SOLO(TM), designed to take your 3DR SOLO Drone to new heights. Effortlessly capture 360° VR videos in flight and watch your creative vision and passions soar. Prepare to marvel at the amount of detail, clarity and precision these compact 360° VR cameras provide and how easily you can capture full 360° spherical video on the fly. This Dual Drone Mount includes (1) MFS SP360 4K Dual Camera Drone Mount that wraps around the body of the SOLO UAV and secures one SP360 4K VR camera to the top of the drone and one to the bottom for ultra quick assembly. KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras – Tell your story.

Dual Drone Mount Accessory Includes:

  • 3DR Made for SOLO Dual Camera Drone Mount
  • Standard Housing-B (x2)
  • RF Remote Control

Dual Drone Mount Made for SOLO(TM) for SP360 4K

  • Product Code: MT-DD-BK01
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  • $169.99